2020-21 Virtual Training Schedule:  Dec 2-4 (filled) | January 13-15, 2021 | March 10-12, 2021

Registration fee for 2-day training is $299 and includes all course materials and 11 Continuing Education Credits.  Participants of this training are required to have a Master's level degree, or be actively enrolled in a Master's level program.

Ohio Children's Alliance Intro to TF-CBT 2020 Training Events are Supported by

 Monford Dent Consulting & Psychological Services LLC

Webinar Training Series: Working with Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors

  • Monday December 14th | 10AM-12PM* | Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment
  • Thursday January 7th | 10AM-12PM* | Family Reunification & the Juvenile Sexual Offender
  • Thursday January 21st | 10AM-12PM* | Vicarious Trauma: Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy Environment

 Registration Fees:

  • Ohio Children's Alliance Members: $119 per person/series; $59 per person/individual webinar
  • General Admission:  $199 per person/series; $99 per person/individual webinar 


This training series will provide an introduction to treatment for juveniles who sexually harm, including determining treatment needs, and current theories/models of treatment.

The second module will focus on the role of family in the treatment of juveniles who have caused sexual harm, including barriers to treatment engagement, impact on familial dynamics, and themes often addressed when family reunification is the goal. Working with those who cause sexual harm can result in its own challenges.

The final part of this training series will address the concept of vicarious trauma in this work, as well as the importance of self-care.

*Each webinar training is approved for 2 Continuing Education contact hours.

Crisis Resolution for African-American Children in Care

Wednesday November 11th | 10AM-1PM | 3-hour Webinar*

Ohio Children's Alliance Members: $49 per person | General Admission:  $89 per person

It is a well-documented fact that all across the nation African American children are over-represented in virtually every stage of the child welfare system.  In Ohio, African Americans are approximately 14% of the population while African American children represent 36% of the foster care population.

While these statistics are alarming enough on their own, child welfare professionals understand that the problem does not end when they “age out” of the system, it only begins.  The grim outcome of these children who “age out” of the system is indisputable. Too many of these children join the ranks of the under educated, under employed, the incarcerated, experience physical and mental challenges, substance abuse, and often become victims of organized physical and sexual abuse in the form of sex and drug trafficking.  The ultimate unwanted outcome is when these children end up having children who also become a part of the system.

  • This workshop will examine some of the remedies that we have put in place to reverse the cycle and place these children in loving, stable, and permanent homes.
  • We will assess whether they have been effective, or made the problem worse.
  • We will explore the intent of the Multi-ethnic Placement Act to determine what is working, and what is not.  We will examine ways that the MEPA may have been misinterpreted as well as its inherent shortcomings.
  • Most importantly this workshop will identify practical solutions that can be implemented on every level without violating MEPA standards.

*This training is approved for 3 Continuing Education contact hours.